Alakapuri High School


Dhalku, Bishalnagar


About Us

Located in the Nepali Capital of Kathmandu, Alakapuri High School is dedicated to providing very affordable, yet effective alternative to overpriced education prevalent in Nepal. As a school, Alakapuri High School believes providing every opportunity available for our students to become globally aware and active citizens.

Alakapuri High School provides primary, secondary and higher secondary levels of schooling, starting from grades one to ten. Mostly children from the surrounding locality are enrolled in our school. In addition, we also have a hostel (boarding) where we look after children who come from far to get an education in the Nepali capital of Kathmandu. As a result, Alakapuri High School enjoys strong support from the parents who are consulted in every facet of their children's overall progress. Conforming with our goal of providing affordable education, Alakapuri High School provides both merit and need based scholarships to several of our students. Also an integral part of life at Alakapuri High School is our various charities, clothes and stationary drives for the government schools in rural areas.

Alakapuri High School may not enjoy the best of infrastructure, or funding, but Alakapuri High School's greatest strength is its relationship with the local community and our belief in affordable education and ensuring that parents with ordinary incomes don't have to go to great lenths to send their children to an expensive private school. And currently to enhance the education we are providing to the children enrolled in our school, we reach out to the International Volunteers to help us give our best to the local community.