Health Access and Integrated Development Initiative

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About Us

HAID, officially known as Health Access and Integrated Development Initiative is a not-for-profit organization committed to promoting access to health services. We work mainly with poor and vulnerable groups and communities. Our strategy is to identify, study and provide solutions to issues that limit access to health services.

Our belief is that the quality of life of the poor and vulnerable can be improved by ensuring that they have access to necessary preventive and curative health services. We also believe that the ability to access health services can be sustained when individuals/communities are empowered with the right information and resources.

Using research, communication, education and community engagement approaches, we focus on a few program areas aimed at:
  • Promoting health insurance
  • Promoting the health and safety of children in different settings
  • Promoting gender-sensitivity in provision of health services for women
  • Facilitating access to needed health services in rural communities