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About Us

The Humanity of Justice Foundation (HOJF) is a nonprofit corporation with the mission of providing partnerships and funding to root out child abuse across the United States. HOJF was founded by Burke Strunsky, a prosecutor who spent most of his career fighting against those who have committed violence against children. In July of 2012 he published a book called The Humanity of Justice and 100% of the profits go to HOJF. The HOJF board is made up of members of the community who likewise have dedicated their lives to fighting for the welfare of children. The foundation carefully selects and supports organizations that help child victims of abuse and neglect. The foundation also creates programs and earmarks donations for specific causes that prevent abuse and neglect for disadvantaged children by providing programs to protect and develop the health, welfare, and education of children. The Foundation is unique in that it is operates with no payroll. All directors and officers are volunteers.