Imagine Her (IH)

  • Wakiso

About Us

Imagine Her, we are a non profit organization in Uganda working with communities to leverage the power and potential of girls and women to create sustainable communities

Our Vision

We aim to develop an empowered female generation in Uganda who will transform their families and communities and drive sustainable development.

Our Mission

Our mission is to leverage the power and potential of girls and youth to create sustainable communities.

Our Core Values


Community is the center of our work: our solutions are community driven and owned. Community members identify problems, design their own solutions, and utilize locally available resources, all with our guidance and respect for them as the leaders and experts in creating change.

Gender Equity

We stand for justice and fairness in all aspects of life.

Participation & Empowerment

Our approach is human-centered and fueled by the active participation and empowerment of communities and beneficiaries.


Our approach to education is holistic, experiential, and practical, and rooted in the principles of human development.


Our work is centered around creating solutions that are life-lasting and designed to function without dependence on aid. 

Our Work

Our work develops girls’ and women’s power to enjoy their basic human rights. We are achieving this goal through holistic programming centered around our core values and the needs of those we serve.

Sustainable One Livestock Scholarship

Families across Uganda struggle to provide tuition, scholastic materials, and even personal hygiene products that girls need to be successful in their education. Additionally, social structures that benefit men may cause parents to prioritize the education of their male children above that of their female children. Tragically, these factors may drive parents and guardians to remove their female children from school. At the same time, scholarship programs that exist to keep girls in school not only promote a sense of dependency but are unsustainable in the long term. Our solution is a One Livestock Scholarship, a direct and self-sustaining approach to funding girls’ education. Operated in a central space girls from vulnerable backgrounds are attached to one female animal: a cow, goat, or sow. which in the a long run ensures that these girls have a sustained source of income for both school requirements and beyond.

Young Girl Changemaker

Uganda has the youngest population of any country in the world. Within this context, young women and girls are the most overlooked members of this society. Our solution is the young girl changemaker, a program that creates opportunities for young girls to develop their potential in leadership in their communities, rewrite their personal tragic stories and those of their communities through skills development,identification of community needs, and building tangible solutions to address these needs.

Vocational Education

Uganda’s education system is theory-based, focused on rote memorization and examinations. This causes youth to graduate ill-equipped for life after school, joining the huge number of unemployed youth. Young women experience youth unemployment more frequently and severely than their male counterparts, and this financial insecurity greatly increases their vulnerability. We believe in changing this trend by creating a valuable and skills-based education. Our model includes training for young women in practical skills such as agripreneurship, tailoring and handicrafts, bakery, and other skills which they can use to solve the challenges they face in real life.

Economic Empowerment

Economic hardships result in severe economic imbalance between genders, financial exclusion, increased gender inequality, and high levels of exploitation. To create economic independence among girls and women, we empower them to fight pressing social problems with market-oriented approaches, providing access to top-level training and mentoring through a human focused context and social entrepreneurship. In order to create lasting economic empowerment for girls and women, a design driven entrepreneurship curriculum is applied to every single female-led enterprise.

Reproductive and Maternal Health

Uganda is one of the countries performing poorly in the international efforts to reduce maternal and infant mortality. On an average day in Uganda, a total of 16 mothers die due to preventable causes. Our solution to this a community-driven approach designed as a health fellowship program that recruits outstanding midwifery graduates to serve in underserved and susceptible to high maternal and child mortality communities. Our Safe Mum fellows work hand in hand with the communities, village health teams, local health centres and referral hospitals in the communities they are placed to improve the overall communities’ maternal health situation. Additionally, fellows provide home antenatal & postnatal services, nutrition and breastfeeding awareness, and referrals for complicated cases. Further, through our project re-Pad, we are addressing the challenges surrounding menstrual health and other reproductive health related issues in communities.