Pathfinders for Health Rehabilitation

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About Us

PATHERE is an abbreviation which stands for, (Pathfinders for Health Rehabilitation) Itis a non-governmental organization that was created at the Belo Old Market square in a small quarter in Achah village in Belo Sub Division by a group of thirteen (13) persons and was named On July 05, 2005.This group was registered with the Cameroon Ministry of Agriculture under law No 92/006 of August 14th 1992, relating to cooperative societies and Common Initiative Groups (CIG) and its decree of application No 92/455/PM of 23rd November1992 and obtain a certificate No, NW/GP/30/05/9389.

Working under the above certificate, the group has been educating Individuals, Groups and Communities on the preventable methods of communicable diseases with the use of natural herbs and reversing the unhealthy habits and practices, discouraging the use of chemical fertilizers in farming.

So to practice Organic farming which are the natural and best methods so far, good for the health? Organic Farming has no chemical reaction to human health either now or in the near future.