Evergreen Hospice, LLC

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About Us

Vision: To enhance the quality of life at the end of life’s journey. 

Mission: Evergreen Hospice Care, LLC is dedicated to person and family centered care.

Caring for a person at the end of their life can be a meaningful and rewarding experience for both the patient and the caregiver. We value our volunteers as they are instrumental in helping us fulfill our mission. Volunteers fill a variety of roles and provide many types of services. Areas of service include:

 Direct patient care

 Transportation

 Bereavement

 Administrative

 Friendly Visits

 Respite

No one wants to spend the end of life alone. Volunteers develop relationships, visit, engage in conversation, and remind the patient they are not alone. Volunteers offer respite services to patients and families providing a much needed break for caregivers. Receive training in aromatherapy and help patients relax and experience calming sensations. Put your talents to good use and enhance quality of life through music. Pets can reduce stress and anxiety. Bring your four legged friend to brighten a hospice patient’s day.

You may be thinking that volunteering for hospice would be a rewarding experience, but feel intimidated because you have never worked in end of life care. Don’t worry! We have a comprehensive training program and a caring and knowledgeable staff that will prepare you for end of life volunteering and assist you in making a difference in the lives of our patients and their families.