Highbridge Voices

  • NY


1360 Merriam Avenue
United States

About Us

Highbridge Voices is a community based youth services organization, providing three programs to approximately 200 youth, ranging in age from 5 to 17. The program icludes an intensive choral music performance program, an academic program, and a combined music and academic program for younger children. Students participate in programs four or more days a week where they attend rehearsals, receive private voice lessons, take classes, receive academic tutoring along with other types of academic support. The social development and academic improvement of participating students are the primary goals of Highbridge Voices.

Our Mission:

Highbridge Voices seeks to inspire excellence in the lives of our children through active participation in the performing arts. Highbridge Voices also seeks to transfer experiences of excellence and accomplishment into other aspects of our children's lives, specifically academic performance.