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About Us

RISE – a Relationship & Information Series for Entrepreneurs - provides a free forum for entrepreneurs to connect and exchange ideas that inspire the entrepreneurial spirit.

Entrepreneurs fuel the economy with innovation, spirit, and enthusiasm. Nowhere in the world is this better illustrated than in Austin, Texas. To recognize and celebrate that special entrepreneurial spirit, RISE was founded in 2007.

Led by a vision to make Austin the "Entrepreneur's Capital," RISE started as a unique un-conference in which successful entrepreneurs lead topic-specific sessions limited to a maximum of 25 participants. These small group discussions enable entrepreneurs to exchange ideas and experiences, network and build relationships, and become inspired and empowered to take their business to the next level. Now, in addition to the annual 4-day event, RISE has grown to include year-round events for entrepreneurs to stay connected to each other.

RISE attendance has doubled each year of the conference from 400 attendees in 2007 to more than 800 attendees in 2008. In 2009, RISE is expected to attract over 1500 entrepreneurs to more than 100 sessions.

RISE sessions have been led by many of Austin's most successful entrepreneurs including:

Jack McDonald, Chairman and CEO of Perficient Clayton Christopher, CEO of Sweet Leaf Tea Philip Berber, Founder of Cybercorp and A Glimmer of Hope Foundation Susan McDowell, Executive Director of LifeWorks Roy and Bertrand Sosa, Founders of MPOWER Labs, Inc. and NetSpend