Community Involvement Project

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Box 4516
#54 - 650 Terminal Ave.
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About Us

The Community Involvement Project (CIP) is an ongoing working group effort, established in November 1998 to facilitate community "ownership" in sustainability. CIP volunteers work on all issues that fall under the umbrella of sustainability, including: empowerment of individuals and development of community self-reliance; sustainable local economic development; food-security; emergency preparedness; sustainable neighbourhoods; and community strengthening at our weakest local societal links. Its community strengthening networks and grassroots organizing (including, especially, low-income people) examine co-operatives, micro-enterprise, alternative media, neighbourhood governance, simple living, enviro-housing, human change and education. Our mission is to create and support new grassroots and neighbourhood projects that will lead to the common vision of a positive sustainable future for everyone. We recognize the value of EVERY individual action or contribution in creating a world of "all-for-oneness" that we wish to see as our collective future. Green tabs on the CIP website provide news on all these topics under different headings.