Beauty for Ashes, Inc.

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3500 Fairmount Avenue
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About Us

Beauty for Ashes, Inc. Bible based modeling and etiquette school for disadvantaged youth is a faith based organization that caters to the spiritual and emotional needs of disadvantaged or under-privileged adolescents, between the ages of 5 to 17 years, who are currently suffering from mild to major forms of adolescent low self esteem and/or adolescent depression who currently reside in impoverished inner city areas.

Beauty for Ashes, Inc. mission is to build the adolescents self esteem, self worth, and confidence through motivational speeches, modeling and etiquette skills, and class projects and assignments, along with teaching basic moral instruction using faith based moral principles.

Every lesson contains mental, emotional, and spiritual components that breaks the bonds of adolescent low self esteem and/or adolescent depression; then restores, rebuilds and encourages mental and spiritual growth along with teaching life skills and coping skills that each student can apply.