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About Us

About Ansar Foundation

Ansar Foundation focuses its efforts and resources on improving quality of care and delivery of best curative options to patients with hematologic malignancies in Atyrau region. Operating as legal entity and non-for-profit organization since November’ 10, foundation has set several goals to achieve:

  • To adopt international standards, protocols and guidelines with proven effectiveness in diagnosis & management of patients with blood cancer.
  • To improve diagnostic & clinical infrastructure and environment for management of patients in hematology units of Atyrau, Kazakhstan.
  • To enhance quality of life and life expectancy of patients with hematological malignancies.
  • To support patients and their families during their struggle with disease

Our concerns

  • Up-to-date there are around 6,000 people living with different types of hematological malignancies in Kazakhstan
  • 1 year survival of patients with blood cancer after diagnosis is 54%
  • 5 year survival of patients with AML is 10%, and with ALL is less than 20%. Other blood cancer types 5 year survival is less than 40%
  • 58% of deaths occur due to failure of blood products supply and hemorrhagic bleeding. 25% are as a result of opportunistic infections in hospitals, 10% due to multiple organ failure and 7% disease progression as a result of inadequate diagnostics and wrong treatment.

Our challenges

  • Lack of standard hematological diagnostic infrastructure
  • Lack of environment for proper treatment of immunocomromised patients
  • Lack of supportive treatment to manage side effects of chemotherapy
  • Low level of knowledge of health care personnel

Our needs

  • Expert opinions and experience exchange
  • Education and Training
  • Extensive support & assistance in developing and implementing of oncological hematology program in our community

You are welcome to join a conversation

  • Experienced health care specialist working in the field of hematology and oncology
  • Health care and Medical Foundation representatives interested in supporting our efforts in Kazakhstan
  • Health care engineers with experience in planning of health care facilities for small communities
  • All other idealists!