Vote for Equality (L.A. Gay and Lesbian Center)

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1125 N McCadden Pl.
Los Angeles
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About Us

Vote For Equality (VFE) is the local political organizing and research arm of the LA Gay & Lesbian Center's Leadership LAB. Through grassroots action, voter education, and leadership development, VFE works to advance marriage equality, reduce homophobia, and build the political power of LGBT people and allies in L.A County.

Specifically, VFE is conducting research to figure out what works to change the hearts and minds of those who voted for Proposition 8, and working to defend the FAIR education act, which will likely be under attack in the November 2012 election.

VFE’s main focus is gaining insight on how to directly address voters’ concerns through having one-on-one conversations with voters at their doorsteps. Since Prop 8 passed, VFE has had over 12,000 conversations in Los Angeles County, and consistently persuades 15-20% of voters we canvass to be more supportive of LGBT rights.

Currently, to better stimulate what happens during an actual campaign, VFE volunteers are proactively bring up our opposition’s messages about children & schools by showing voters ads to see how they respond and to test ads we've created in rebutting the opposition's messages.