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Chyulu Hills


About Us

The Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust (MWCT) is based on the Kuku Maasai Group Ranch located in the Chyulu Hills in southern Kenya. MWCT runs a multi-faceted program of conservation and community support activities ( The Maasai Wilderness Conservation Fund (MWCF) is the US 501(c)(3) non-profit that raises funds and supports the MWCT programs in Kenya.

The Chyulu Hills lie between the ecologically important Tsavo and Amboseli ecosystems, and provide an important wildlife corridor linking these two areas. The summits of the Chyulu Hills support an unusual cloud forest in an otherwise semi-arid area, which acts as a critical water catchment. The area is home to many of East Africa’s most iconic wildlife species.MWCT runs a comprehensive program of projects and activities to protect the Chyulu Hills’ ecosystem and the wildlife in it.  It also provides support for the indigenous Maasai communities who own the land on which the Trust operates. The work is coordinated in conjunction with adjacent land managing organizations, including Kenya’s National Parks Authority, the Kenya Wildlife Service, and other NGOs. Projects include habitat and wildlife protection and monitoring; a REDD+ forest carbon project; ecological research; and health and education services for local communities.