Electronic Recycling Association (ERA) Alberta

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1301 34th Avenue SE
T2G 1V8

About Us

ERA is a non profit organization that collects old computers and electronics for reuse , refurbishing, and recycling. ERA donates computers to charities in Alberta, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, and Canada wide. ERA provides secure data destruction services, to ensure data is protected, and safely removed.

Our Mission is to reduce electronic waste and the negative impact it has on our environment, recycle unwanted computers and electronic equipment through recovery and refurbishment, and reuse computers by refurbishing and donating them to charities and nonprofit organizations.

We are the only non profit organization that actually donates computers at no charge to local schools, charities, non profit groups, libraries, elderly homes, and other community based organizations. Unlike other groups that charge charitable organizations for computers, we donate computers at no charge to these agencies. We understand that our local community needs a lot of support, and that is why our clients prefer to donate to us. ERA now offers next day pickup services, and we are now able to pickup any amount of items, from that single old laptop, to an entire trailer load of equipment.