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About Us

Mission: To support diversity in the media. Specifically it is dedicated to increasing the presence of working people on the air waves. To that end  it has supported Workers Independent News (WIN). WIN has been producing a headline newscast every weekday for more than 12 years. WIN’s goal is to bring balance to news coverage by providing news and features focusing on issues of concern to working people and their families. WIN covers a broad range of issues, but focus on news related to organizing and bargaining for workplace democracy; workplace issues such as safety and discrimination; living wage campaigns, and the struggles of immigrant and low-wage workers for better conditions on the job.

WIN broadcasts on approximately 150 radio stations across the country and distribute our podcast via app and social media as well. Last year, the Daily Kos began posting our news three times a week under their labor section. We have undertaken discussions with a variety of organizations to produce the news in Spanish.