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About Us

Mission Statement

Utilizing through training and other methods, holistic alternatives and strategic approaches that consist of, and not limited to education, health, spirituality and technology, in the areas of abuse, prevention, violence, poverty, and awareness.

Vision Statement

Facilitating the environment for the dissemination of education, training, and information which will change negative social norms and behaviors, while encouraging and fostering equality, justice, tolerance and acceptance with a reduction of violence, abuse, and education of poverty.


Breaking the silenceis not a popular choice, it is the right choice! Get educated; get informed, for friends do not let friends harm others.”


The undertaking of this organization is restricted to but not limited to prevention interventions, training and educating the public about violence against women and girls and men and boys and eradicating poverty. Planning and implementing programs and activities for the all-round development of the individual, family life, and society, working towards eradicating poverty and assisting victims of violence:

  • Distributing and sourcing materials and resources to meet the needs of those afflicted and affected by violence against women and girls and men and boys and the prevention of the same;
  • Training, workshops, seminars, conventions, educational and motivational sessions, related to poverty, domestic violence, Abuse and Family life;
  • Proactive about identifying risks associated with poverty, child abuse, domestic violence and sexual assault;
  • Working with communities and victims to become economically viable, self-sustainable and understand how to deal with the socio-economic situations which confront them.
  • Using various mediums including video, social media, the internet, television, radio and printed press for the dissemination of education and information as it relates to the prevention of violence against women and girls and men and boys;
  • Printing of books and other material addressing various needs and resource information
  • Providing support for women and girls and men and boys that meets their needs in a holistic way, and respect their rights where appropriate, to confidentiality, and to participate in any decision making processes that affect them;
  • Safe housing for victims of violence and family disturbances;
  • Referrals for specialized care, support and therapy;
  • Transition homes for young people who have to leave the orphanage;
  • To put in place interventions for the perpetrators, which hold them accountable for the abuse, and place expectations on them to address their abusive behavior;
  • Creating opportunities to take part in such activities as play, recreation and sport, which will contribute to healthy growth and development, both at home and in the community and;
  • All activities thereto to the fulfilling of this object.


  • We aim to establish or lobby for any and or all of the following:
  • The state should make it clear that children are the nation’s most valuable assets and they need to be protected in all areas of development and at all cost.
  • Each child should be taught the UN charter for the rights of the child while in school.
  • Implementation of holistic sex education program in schools.
  • Implementation of the good touch bad touch program in schools.
  • Introduction of child friendly books in schools broaching the subject of child abuse.
  • Every child from birth to 18 years should be legal wards of the state, and as such be protected by the state when a crime is committed against a child it should be a crime committed against the state.
  • Children should preferably be raised within their own families. When the home which should be a sanctuary and safe haven becomes a place of violence and distress and chaos then families no longer should be allowed the limits of privacy or decision making.
  • Introduction of video testimonies and or video evidence in court for cases of child abuse.
  • Proper socio-economic programs implemented to alleviate poverty, educate individuals and teach persons about the environment and how behaviors contribute to the disintegration of it. Which will create jobs and boost agriculture.
  • Proper health systems established to tend to the medical needs and assessment of children and women.
  • An educational program which will help women and young girls who have dropped out of school advance in the area of academics.
  • No statute of limitations on incest and child molestation.
  • Stricter penalties for parents who fail to report child abuse and also who do not comply with the court process of having the child appear in court.
  • Parents must understand that they have responsibilities for their children not absolute rights.
  • Every child digitally registered at the hospital of birth and birth certificate given to parents before they leave the hospital.
  • Victim Assistance field officers together with social workers must visit the home of every woman who gave birth to assess the conditions under which this child would be raised.
  • Screening children for signs of abuse and referring them for treatment if signs are shown, while they are in school. Thus reducing the cycle of abuse.
  • Educating men and boys as allies in the prevention of violence against women and girls.
  • Parenting Skills during and after pregnancy.
  • Strict domestic trafficking laws.
  • Making mandatory reporting, mandatory.
  • DNA laws and testing in cases of child abuse, domestic violence and abuse and sexual assault.
  • Implementation of Cyber laws for the protection of children.
  • Implementation of Cyber Laws for prosecuting of those who share and engage in promoting child abuse in any form, child sexual exploitation, sexual assault, and violence online.
  • Proactive Primary Prevention Programs, policies and education beyond the brochures.
  • Interactive training, and training packages and materials for teachers and persons who work with children.
  • Establish a national Bystander Approach program inclusive of the touch and behaviour continuum.
  • Proper training of CBOs, NGOs, Faith Based organizations and grassroots organizations in regards to the proper and ethical procedure when dealing with victims of violence and disseminating of information.
  • Establishment of the country’s first training and prevention center.
  • Establishment of the country’s first 24 hour rescue and training center for victims of abuse and sexual assault.
  • Lobby for a Victim Assistance Programme.
  • Lobby for the country’s first Child Advocacy Center, not just assessment centers Four Child Advocacy Centers one each located in North, San Fernando, East, and Tobago this will reduce the re-traumatization of victims of incest. Beginning with the establishment of one pilot project fully staffed.
  • Placing of victim service providers in hospitals, at police stations, schools, and located in each community. Victim Service Providers in every hospital to direct victims of crime, medical practitioners can handle the medical or biological aspect of a crime or sexual offence, they are not able to deal with directing the victim and or their family to the next step of the process.
  • Re-training of police officers. Police officers over time become aggressive due to the nature of their work, when a case of incest or sexual violation comes in that empathy does not at all times kick in because the mind is in a state of aggressive combat.
  • Lobby for one or two former victims to sit on certain state boards in a special capacity.
  • Lobby for one or two former victims to sit in parliament and also make contributions in a special capacity as it relates to laws and policies associated with child protection, domestic violence and abuse, sexual assault and social issues many of which are offspring’s of abuse.
  • Lobby for one or two former victims of abuse to be active in the children’s authority and the ministry of Gender Youth and Child Development in a capacity to assist with policy making and the implementation of programs and projects.
  • Lobby to have former victims of abuse and domestic to be included in the training of police officer and a module in such training be specific towards the prevention of violence and ethical and political correct way to deal with a victim who is making a report.
  • Economic support to lower stress for parents who are unemployed. Training of parents to change their economic position and become self-sustainable.
  • Support for cultural exchange dialogue programs, conventions, seminars and forums about child protection, domestic violence and abuse.
  • Financial support for working community based organizations and NGO's, who deal with this issue

Mission Statement

Utilizing through training and other methods, holistic alternatives and strategic approaches that consist of, and not limited to education, health, spirituality and technology, in the areas of abuse, prevention…

Issue Areas Include

  • Children & Youth
  • Community Development
  • Economic Development
  • Education
  • Volunteering


  • 21 St. Augustine Circular
    St. Augustine
    Port of Spain, POS 99999

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