Special Angel Project

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P.O. Box 7171
Beverly Hills
United States

About Us

"Making Music -- Helping Kids"

The Special Angel Band reaches out to at-risk kids throughout the Los Angeles area with their music and their story. Suzanne and Kelly, a mother/daughter duo, work together telling the story of their own turbulent relationship during Kelly's teenage years. They share the postive relationship and the music that developed out of this time, offering kids who have lived on the streets, with prostitution or drugs, a safe space to talk about their own experiences. The band travels all over L.A., to many shelters and residential progams, such as Dr. Lois Lee's "Children of the Night." Kids who have not trusted anyone for years relate to the music and lyrics in a non-threatening way and open up -- for some, the first time in their life. They have also added visits to WestCare Nevada in Las Vegas on a regular basis. Other cities are being considered for 2008.. "Everyone needs a Special Angel... And we all have it in us to be one."