Kensington Action Force (KAF)

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623 Cortelyou Road
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About Us

Kensington Action Force (KAF), is a tax-exempt community safety organization, founded in 1991, to help the 64,000 residents of Kensington, Brooklyn, New York upgrade their quality of life. General community and committee group meetings provide residents the opportunity to review community issues and concerns with members of the NYC Police Force, City agency and elected officials. KAF maintains updated contact lists, for the benefit of KAF members, to enable communication with the appropriate public officials to address and correct community-related conditions.

IN addition to community wide public meetings, special KAF programs and crime prevention initiatives include: "Making Good Kids Better Citizens" program - which educates students from grade 5 and higher to become involved in issues of community safety; community-wide graffiti cleanups; "Shoot a Trespasser" (with a camera); "insurance premium reduction" (advocating insurance premium reductions for homeowners or residents who live in a community with an involved community crime prevention effort) and sports league. KAF intercommunity leadership conferences enable residents of the community to interface with other concerned organized efforts and share their expertise.