Silver Lining Rescue

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About Us

Our motto is simple: For Our Planet. For The Animals. For You.


Our purpose is to educate humans on the immense and widespread suffering of farm animals world wide and encourage a change in diet to a planet friendly, health centered, compassionate way of eating. We believe the only way to stop the suffering is to STOP the support. By buying meat, fish, eggs, milk, and cheese; we support this system of using and abusing animals for food. 


Our worldwide mission is to teach people the extraordinary power of impact and how each individual impact can save millions of animals. The power of persuasion for making a difference is often under appreciated and under recognized. Just think; if one person can convince just one other person to care about a cause as much as they do, then they have easily doubled their impact. Still, many people feel that it is impossible for just one person to make a truly sustainable difference in the world. We meet so many incredible people with a passionate voice, who deeply care about social justice, but feel dwarfed because they are only “one person” and think they are incapable of making a real difference in the world. We want to turn this belief upside down and teach the world about the extraordinary power that just one person has to make a difference. By viewing the Silver Lining impact model, you will learn how powerful just one person can be. Through the power of imagery, we have created picture rich info-graphs for people to follow, to see exactly how ONE person's impact can save millions of animals.