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About Us

BRIDGES, Inc. is a mental health and social services agency, working with at-risk youth, adults, and their families, empowering them to reach their own maximum potential for independence, community integration, and quality of life. We offer programs and services focusing on each person’s strengths to develop the skills and abilities which break the cycle of institutionalization and homelessness.

Breaking the cycle of dependency and institutionalization and homelessness is best accomplished by providing residential treatment when needed in a family-like setting and providing supportive transitional and permanent housing solutions. As the goal of the program is to break the cycle of dependency, institutionalization, and homelessness, BRIDGES strives to utilize a holistic approach, addressing the multiple needs of individuals we serve, specifically working toward normalization through skill building, employment development, and safe affordable housing with case management. It is the goal of BRIDGES to ensure that clients learn necessary daily living and coping skills, as well as to gain social support for increased level of independence and full community integration. Components of BRIDGES transitional and long term psychosocial rehabilitation programs include mental health and psychiatric services, wellness and recovery, health and life skills education, employment readiness and employment opportunities. Components of our housing program include intensive case management, employment and education support, financial literacy and goal development.