Greenworld Foundation (GF)

Abuja, FC, Nigeria
Joined in July 2004

About Us

We are a nonprofit, whose mission is to foster the development of agriculture and agribusiness as a means and an avenue of tackling hunger, poverty, and youth unemployment and its attendant problems(violent crimes, drug addition, prostitution and other vices), whilst protecting the crucial ecological services performed by the ecosystems. The ecouragement of education on rural issues and the welfare of the rural poor as well as the creation of more jobs for the army of unemployed but educated youths; are the key areas in helping to realize the organization's ten-year program.

VISION: The Foundation aims at making Nigeria the economic hub and the driving force of agriculture and agribusiness enterprises development in the region, in addition to helping it achieve food security and export to its neighbours and the rest of the world by 2015.

MISSION: To put agriculture first in the Nigeria’s Development Agenda in the 21st century. In doing so, it intends to promote excellence in Agribusiness enterprise: food production, processing/packaging and marketing and export.

THE FOUNDATION'S MAIN FOCUS: Adding of value to different agricultural produce that are produced in various parts of Nigeria, so that they too can be exported, thereby strengthening the rural populations, creating more jobs, and a skilled workforce; increasing rural income and improving the living standard of people, particularly the women and children.

AIMS/OBJECTIVES: The organization has salient aims and objectives, which include but not limited to: _ To improve agricultural productivity and sustainability as well as raising of farmers’ income hence improving their living standard and their purchasing power; _ To attract the unemployed youths into agriculture and agribusiness activities hence enabling them to generate income and thus prevent their involvement in socio-economic and other crimes/vices in Nigeria and beyond; _ To eradicate poverty across the country and forge new synergies of collaborative partnerships that could help people to use their talents and skills to walk their ways out of poverty and hunger; and _ To pursue a ten-year objective towards establishing in every local government in Nigeria; a small/medium scale value added processing/packaging facility, so that value can be added to agricultural produce that are being produced in these localities and that they too can be exported; thereby strengthening the rural economies and helping in developing and industrializing the rural communities and empowering the rural poor; and

_ To pursue other such objectives and goals, which are geared towards eradicating hunger, poverty and youth unemployment by 2015;

_ To encourage the advancement of agricultural education and to hold out to all persons without distinction of race, creed, sex or political distinction, the Opportunity of acquiring training and practical knowledge in agriculture;

_ To act of as agents and catalysts, through practical training, research and innovation, for the effective and economical utilization, exploitation and conservation of Nigeria’s natural, agricultural, economic and human resources;

_ To offer to the general population as a form of public service, the results of training, research and development of agriculture and allied disciplines and to foster the practical application of those results;

_ To establish appropriate relationships with other national and international institutions involved in training, research and development of agriculture;

_ To identify the agricultural problems of and needs of Nigeria and to find solutions to them with the context of overall national development and growth of the country;

_ To organize research relevant to training with emphasis on small-scale farming and food processing/packaging;

_ To offer capacity building programmes in relation to the training of manpower in agriculture and agribusiness in Nigeria;

_ To promote and emphasize training, research and extension of agricultural knowledge to farmers, including agriculture extension services and outreach programmes;

_ To provide and promote sound basic scientific training as a foundation of excellence for the development of agriculture and allied disciplines, taking into account indigenous culture, the need to enhance agricultural productivity and achieve national food security, the need vastly increase the practical content of agricultural trainings, and adequate preparation of the unemployed youths for self-employment in agricultural an allied professions; and

_ To undertake any other activities appropriate for the organization.

FUNDING: The foundation receives its funding from the following sources: _ Grants and Loans from the international donor/lending agencies, Membership levies, _ Funds from commercial activities and others sources.


  • THE GREENWORLD AGRIBUSINESS INTERNATIONAL LTD. The Greenworld Agribusiness International Ltd. is a legally registered commercial and fund raising subsidiary arm of the organization. The organization is registered as a guaranteed trusteeship with the Corporate Commission under the companies Act of 1990, with the aim of processing and packaging of the vast agricultural produce that are produced by farmers in Nigeria into exportable goods in order to fighting poverty, hunger, disease and youth unemployment as well as rural- urban drift and its attendant problems in Nigeria.
  • GREENFIELDS CONSORTIUM (GC) The Greenfields Consortium International(GC) is the consulting subsidiary arm of the Greenworld Foundation(GF) International. It handles all aspects of the business activities of the organization,which range from provision of training and skills acquisition,and capacity building in entpreneurial development skils for SMEs,technical support and extension service to farmers/farming organiztions;organization of seminars,workshops,confereces and exhibitions, and other roles.

THE FOUNDATION'S PIONEER BOARD OF TRUSTEES: A board of directors composed of the following members directs the International activities of The Foundation: Prof. Charles U. IIegbune A professor of law and currently dean of faculty of law, University of Abuja, Nigeria and a notary public as well as a consultant.

Mallam Abdul Bayero A Harvard University trained business Administrator. A one-time operations manager, Leventis (Nig.) Plc. Agricultural department. Member board of Directors of NBL, CCNN, Leventis, and the chairman of Nagarta Group of Companies Abuja, Nigeria.

Alh. A. S. Maiyaki. The former deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria – CBN. (Administration) and the chairman of Microtel Group of Companies, Abuja, Nigeria.

Prof. P.O. Ngoddy.

A professor of Food Engineering and dean of Faculty, Food Engineering department, University of Nigeria, Nsukka. An International Consultant of great repute.

Mr. Joe Marshall Ifediorah. International president and chief Executive of The Greenworld foundation(GF); founder of five (5) International charitable organizations which address global issues such as poverty, hunger, disease, youth at risk, international, development/food security and the president Orah Global Agencies Ltd and the Exports 2000 International. An Agricultural specialist and Electrical Engineering Expert.

SECRETARIAT: The organization’s secretariat is currently rudimentary. The foundation therefore, maintains a contact address at : No 9 Hospital Road Beside the Chief Palace, Karu, Abuja, FCT, Nigeria. The foundation is based in Abuja, Nigeria and plan to establish offices in the 36 states of the country using the offices of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and its relevant Agencies across the country.

For Details/ information, please Contact:

The president, Grenworld Foundation(GF),No 9 Hospital Road ,Beside Chief Palace ,Karu, FCT,Abuja,Nigeria. Tel: 234 – 9 2918312 Skype: joe.marshall.greenworld Mobile: +234-80 – 36888617 & +234 70 50819199. E-mail:

Contact Person: Joe Marshall Ifediorah.

We are a nonprofit, whose mission is to foster the development of agriculture and agribusiness as a means and an avenue of tackling hunger, poverty, and youth unemployment and its attendant problems(violent crimes, drug addition…

Issue Areas Include

  • Agriculture


  • No 9 Hospital Road, Beside Chief Palace ,Karu-Abuja, Abuja, FC 900001, Nigeria
    ,Abuja, FCT

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