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About Us

The National Civility Center is a not-for-profit organization established in 2000 to help people make their communities better places to live. We believe that a comprehensive approach to community improvement - one that engages all local stakeholders around shared ideas and a unified plan for action - can help community members and organizations become more effective at solving tough social issues. We have authored a book Bring A Dish To Pass: The Civil Action of Community Improvement to be used in getting this dialogue started in your community. We also have available a case statement on the topic of involving the private sector in community improvement efforts.

The National Civility Center recognizes that healthy systems are dynamic systems and that most organizations/communities find themselves consistently in the middle of profound processes of change. We have observed, however, that some organizations/communities seem to manage change more effectively than do others. This leads us to ask, “What distinguishes the more successful from the less successful?”