Social Justice & Grassroots Development

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About Us

SOCIAL JUSTICE & GRASSROOTS DEVELOPMENT is a Non-governmental, non –political, and non-profit organisation. The organisation was founded in 2000, but officially registered in 2004 with the Edo State Government Nigeria. . The organisational structure presently range from 3 Managerial staff, 3 Junior staff, 3 Associate Members and 8 women volunteers. We have a constitution which was written and certified by the Customary Court, Okada for the organisation.

The aims and objectives of the Organisation are as follows:-

(a)To promote Economic Empowerment of rural women in

Edo State to achieve the following among others:

- Efficient and sustainable utilization of natural resources through medium scale farms towards improve livelihood poverty alleviation and rural development

- Creating awareness and encouragement about the entrepreneurship potential in arable farm, cocoa farm, plantain farm, pineapple farm and small scale livestock farms for processing and marketing.

- Capacity building for women through vocational trainings etc

(b) To promote Scholarship and Educational Programmes

among the Youths (boys and Girls) in Edo State as follows-

- To help underprivileged youths boys/girls to acquire skill acquisition in the areas of computer technology. To promote the donations of Educational Textbooks, Notebooks, and educational materials to both Primary and Secondary School.