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About Us

Clean Greens is a small nonprofit organization, owned and operated by longstanding African American residents of Seattle's Central District. We established this organization to supply fresh, sustainably grown produce at affordable prices to low-income families in Seattle’s Central District. Low-income communities frequently do not have access to fresh, wholesome produce and have higher rates of poor diet related illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, and elevated cholesterol. We are committed to delivering quality produce to those families who otherwise would not have access to it.

The mission of Clean Greens Farm & Market is five-fold:

1. To identify and harvest vegetables requested by the inner-city community. We then sell these vegetables at our farm stand located in the Central District area that is affordable to all people, especially low income people. In 2012 we have expanded our reach by opening a farm stand in the Columbia City neighborhood of Seattle to better serve low-income families.

2. To foster greater understanding and appreciation of local and sustainably-grown food, nutrition and health; this will help to lower the risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes that is very common among African Americans.

3. To provide Central District residents with interest and/or experience in farming with access to farm land, tools, mentors and resources.

4. To provide inner-city children with opportunities to visit the farm, grow, harvest and learn about where food comes from, learn about ecological systems and water cycles and connect to the Earth which sustains us.

5. To create green jobs and farming apprenticeship opportunities to African-American and inner city residents.

Founded in 2007, Clean Greens seeks to educate our communities on healthy eating and food justice. In addition to our two farm stands in the Central District and Columbia City neighborhoods of Seattle, we also offer affordable produce through ourCSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program. Through this program, all residents are able to purchase fresh produce directly from our local farm, located in Duvall, WA, just 25 miles outside of Seattle. Our produce is often harvested the same day it is delivered. As we grow our programs, we hope to create green jobs for our community that are both environmentally and economically sustainable. Through our food justice work, we are able to build partnerships and forge meaningful relationships throughout Seattle, with sister organizations working in other states, and abroad