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About Us

We are a national strategy, communications, and organizing center working to connect and empower the 40% of Americans who identify themselves as independents.

Our mission is to develop a movement of independent voters for progressive post-partisan reform of the American political process.

We do not aspire to be another special interest. Independents seek instead to diminish the regressive influence of parties and partisanship by opening up the democratic process. Independents in the networks are creating new electoral coalitions such as the Black and Independent Alliance, supporting new models of nonpartisan governance and striving for the broadest forms of “bottom-up” participation.

Independents played a decisive role in the nomination and subsequent election of President Barack Obama, whose call for a transformation of the old political culture reflected the values of many independents. More than 19 million independents – roughly the same number as voted for Ross Perot in 1992 – chose to vote for Obama in 2008. The independent movement's shift away from the politics of the right-of-center Texas billionaire Perot to the left-of-center Obama was propelled, in part, by our grassroots activism. (See"How the Independent Movement Went Left by Going Right")