Dolphin Communication Project

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About Us

The Dolphin Communication Project (DCP) is focused on the dual goals of scientific research and education: we take results from research projects and disseminate them into educational programs for students of all ages. DCP has a team of researchers (graduated professionals, graduate students, undergraduate interns and volunteers) who work together to examine how dolphins communicate in order to shed more light on the meaning of the interactions between individuals and groups. With access to a data archive collected since 1991, questions focus on communication among Atlantic spotted dolphins in The Bahamas, Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins in Japan, and common bottlenose dolphins in human care in Honduras and The Bahamas. In addition to studies of communication and behavior, DCP research associates also investigate comparisons between species, geographies, and habitats, as well as their own research topics. We are dedicated to continuing the long-term, longitudinal observations of dolphins in our four study locations.