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About Us

City of Knowledge is a private Islamic School in Pomona, CA. We are the only pre-K through 12th grade Islamic School in California.

OUR MISSION is to create an environment in which the intellectual and spiritual principles of human beings blossom. We wish to nourish a garden of children who grow into responsible, knowledgeable adults.

OUR PHILOSOPHY: "From the cradle to the grave..." We believe in the importance of an early education, that education is an on-going process. We also believe that children of the same chronological age vary greatly developmentally. It is important to teach skills which are appropriate for the developmental level of the child. Having an educational program which encourages experimentation, exploration, discovery discussion, critical thinking, communication, problem solving, growth and social skills through positive peer and adult interaction with emphasis on Islamic value will help children develop a positive self-image and a respect for education.

HISTORY: City of Knowledge School was established by a group of Muslim parents who wanted their children to receive not only a sound academic education, but also proper grounding in the precepts of the Islamic faith. They also wished to nurture these children in an academic environment away from the pressures of the larger community with persuasion to reject their differences. They wanted children to value education and to learn moral values as taught in the Quran.

We accept applications for employment for various positions on a rolling basis. Visit our website and see to download the employment application.