Alliance of Abilities

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2043 N Broadway
Santa Ana
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About Us

Alliance of Abilities was incorporated in 1997 with the sole purpose of founding and maintaining clubhouses in partnership with people with a traumatic brain injury or developmental disability, so they can build meaningful lives with the help of a supportive community. An Alliance clubhouse is a safe place where the emphasis is on individual abilities instead of disabilities, where everyone is respected as a responsible adult whose hard work and commitment contribute to the smooth running of their clubhouse. Members and staff support each other in setting that encourages goal setting, personal responsibility, and self- determination.

The underlying philosophy of Alliance of Abilities is that each member has a contribution to make, regardless of their level of disability; therefore, we rely on our members’ talents, skills and dreams in order to function. One of the key principles of this philosophy is the importance of “meaningful work.” Putting this principle into practice, Integrity House and LOTUS House operates a variety of programs to help its members develop social, interpersonal, educational and employment skills. At our Clubhouses, the participants are called members, not patients or clients. The members use their special gifts, talents, and skills while working side by side with staff to help operate the Clubhouse. At our Clubhouses the focus is not on treatment, but on helping members become as productive and self-reliant as possible.