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About Us

Physical and Psychosocial Development Organization(PHYDO Kenya)was started in 2004 by a group of rural youth who recognized the need for an organization that could provide support and education to individuals living with HIV/AIDS.The organization has expanded to include a variety of programs that promote education, self-­‐reliance, and sustainable development throughout the Ugenya District in Siaya County. The key thematic areas include:

  1. Health and HIV/AIDS education program.
  2. Education Development program (EDP)
  3. Lady liners (re-usable sanitary towels) program
  4. Right to play program
  5. Agribusiness
  6. Environmental conservation and sanitation (ECS)
  7. Community economic empowerment program (CEEP)

Vision. To be a leading organization of excellence promoting health, sustainable livelihoods, agribusiness, education and behavior change programs that eliminate social ills among the rural communities. Mission. To improve the livelihood of the local community through promotion of agribusiness, education, health and income generation focusing at mitigating social ills and ensuring sustainable food security, improved academic performance and community health standards. Motto Opportunity and Hope for a Hurting Community. PHYDO Kenya 1-5 year goals for the organization

To enhance the sustainable development of rural com¬munities through community empowerment and organization development. To provide for the emotional, psychosocial, physical and social needs of youth and children made vulnerable by HIV/AIDS through acceptable care initiatives that recognize the role of the extended family systems. To provide information, special skills, counseling, role modeling, mentorship and opportunities to individuals, entrepreneurs, schools, organizations whilst creating a sustainable and ethical workforce through a holistic approach To promote functional behavior through shifts in attitude among the rural school children. Produce and distribute affordable, high quality sanitary product that enable extremely vulnerable rural girls to fulfill their academic potential by providing the protection they need to attend school during their menstruation To establish an endowment fund of at least Kshs. 200 Million by 2019 To share learning and advocate for sound develop¬ment policies and practice To strengthen PHYDO KENYA institutional capacity to deliver prompt and sufficient services to its clients

Our Strengths Well organized logical model Program evaluation efforts with detailed documentation of outputs Financial integrity as evidenced by regularly audits and organized budget Financial support from a variety of sources, which are evidence of established relationships both international and locally Established social enterprises Regularly published progress reports and annual reports that share success stories Commitment to staff growth and development Established web presence with social media accounts (LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, and Twitter) and strong website Our Challenges Establishing more financial stability through additional funding sources Increasing web Visibility Increasing partnerships (especially with funding agencies)