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Siddartha Marg
Central Development Region

About Us

Our mission is to support disadvantaged local communities by using volunteers from all over the world.

We are a non-government/non-profit organization established on June 10, 2014. We are registered at the District Administration Office, Kathmandu (Registration number: 851) and have an affiliation with the Social Welfare Council of Nepal (Registration number: 39566). We are a growing team, our dedicated staff and growing number of international volunteers have already made a positive impact on the communities.Local resources and local knowledge are important assets for our organization and we always emphasize on their use. Our main goals are:

• Work alongside volunteers to support disadvantaged local communities.

• Enable visitors to Nepal to participate in voluntary activities that fit with their skills and timelines.

• Provide opportunities for foreign travelers to enjoy local culture and traditions, whilst giving something positive back to the community.

• Support the local economy through responsible travel.

• Assist volunteers in learning new skills also giving them a voice to help shape our Ecoreach Foundation.

The main scope of the Ecoreach Foundation are:

• Community work and services 

• Conservation of natural resources

• Disaster risk management

• Promotion of alternative energy

• Promotion of agroforestry and livestock based integrated agriculture

• Promotion of organic farming

• Promotion of volunteering in the nature conservation

• Promotion of development of Eco-tourism and green village

• Conservation of land and water resources and its biodiversity