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About Us

The primary aim of TackleAfrica is to communicate AIDS/HIV messages to local African communities in a manner that avoids being either authoritarian or patronising – effectively carrying out peer education. From our own past experience in Africa, we are aware of the huge popularity of football and the way in which football matches between local sides and a team of Europeans generate considerable interest from the local community. We regard this interest as a significant opportunity to educate and spread key messages, literature etc regarding AIDS/HIV.

We therefore plan to run football tours to Africa, playing games against local teams and using the matches as focal points for AIDS/HIV related activities. We are planning to work with local NGOs in order to make the best use of the attention derived from our activites to help these NGOs in their own AIDS/HIV related projects.

We would be delighted to hear from charities or NGOs that would be interested in working with us, and from individuals in the UK who would be interested in taking part in one of our tours. Please visit our website - www.tackleafrica.org or email us on info@tackleafrica.org