United Spay Alliance

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About Us

United Spay Alliance works to eliminate euthanasia of companion animals by promoting affordable and accessible spay/neuter programs, resources and education.

The nationwide source for affordable and accessible spay/neuter program information and education, including an updated program locator of affordable spay neuter resources. We are a coalition of state groups each of which:

• Locates affordable spay neuter programs throughout their state.
• Refers pet owners in need of such services to a low cost spay neuter program in their area.
• Encourages established animal welfare organization to open spay/neuter clinics or subsidy programs.
• Encourages and recruits private practice veterinarians to provide affordable, timely spay neuter services to pet owners in need.
• Refers and promotes affordable wellness programs in their state.
• Educates the public on the benefits of preventing unwanted litters through accessible, affordable, and timely spay neuter.
• Works to promote the development of publicly funded spay subsidy programs to ensure that all companion animals can be altered.