North Chicago Community Partners

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North Chicago
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About Us

North Chicago Community Partners (NCCP) was created to address the needs and challenges within North Chicago. Once a vital working class community, North Chicago now has all the characteristics of a poverty-stricken, urban city, including, a failing school district. The “community school” is a proven model for delivering not only quality education for students, but also but also enrichment, engagement and social service support for the entire school community. Since 2008, NCCP has strategically honed and enhanced its community school model, creating or facilitating programs, projects and/or events that truly address the unique needs of the North Chicago community.

Through the creation of “community schools,” NCCP has worked to address the needs of the whole child by:

  • Developing strong relationships within North Chicago
  • Providing high quality, engaging instructional programs
  • Enhancing student learning with integrated enrichment and social services
  • Strengthening school climate so that students are ready to learn and teachers are engaged with families and communities
  • Actively engaging families so that they are increasingly involved in their children’s education
  • Recruiting and stewarding community partnerships and volunteers

During the past five years, NCCP has evolved from a well-intentioned idea into a vibrant organization that employs more than 30 individuals and, with the help of thousands of volunteers, now coordinates and implements impactful programming four of North Chicago’s public schools.