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About Us

Eagles Wings Community Outreach Center, Inc. is an organization committed to empowering the underserved community in the Perris Valley and beyond through the creation of educational opportunities, support networks, and partnerships with schools, businesses, and parents. We accomplish this through literacy programs, mentoring, increased advocacy, collaborations and activities that enable parents to obtain better educational achievements for themselves and their children.

We are now in the nonprofit rebirth stage. Our mission remains the same but our focus has taken on a health, physical, mental and spiritual focus. Our first priority is improving mental health through proper nutrition. This is a segment of nutrition education that is not reaching those in the greatest need. 

A little history

During the last 10 years we have served the Perris preschool and elementary aged youth through our after school program,  "a safe place" Afterschool and later, The Power House. - 1st-6th grade and Change My Direction Preschool Preparation Workshop. 

The Power House was designed to enhance the education of and mentor elementary school-aged children who require a less traditional environment and had been identified as at-risk. Perris Elementary School District  identified those with the greatest need as African-American and Latino males. Included in the Power House Program was P. C. Bootcamp for kids. We taught the kids the inner hardware of the computer. We also taught them to build a computer system from the motherboard to a complete system. We are culturally competent to service them.  

Aware! Project - a series of workshops, one of which is Change My Direction, to provide parents and caregivers vital information regarding health and education for their families - Ages 0-Adult.

We broadened our reach into Houston, Texas with our literacy based program called Expressions. We were granted permission by the State to operate. Expressions has expanded to develop the literacy and artisitc skills through creative writing, performance and the visual arts. Visit www.expressurself.org for program details.