Passageway (formerly RAINBOW Center)

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305 15th Street
Des Moines
United States

About Us

Passageway is a non-profit mental health service that facilitates and supports the recovery of adults who suffer from Axis I Diagnosed mental illnesses such as Schizophrenia, Bi-Polar Disorder, and Major Depression. The program is based on a unique clubhouse model of psychosocial rehabilitation that focuses on the abilities and strengths of the individuals, rather than their illnesses. Passageway provides a safe and supportive place for people with mental illness (members) to access needed community resources, develop meaningful relationships, and regain self-worth. We provide a work focused day that includes clerical work, kitchen work, and general maintenance. Our employment program provides work opportunities in the community, with a variety of supports to assure success. We are working to increase the share of our funding that comes from foundations, grants, and individual donations compared to government sources of funding.