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The Problem: In Ghana, over 60% of Junior High School students are unable to pass the High School entrance exam. That means these kids are unable to receive any further education. Those that do pass often have to drop out of High School prematurely because of their inability to afford their high school fees. If they do graduate, most students can't possibly afford to continue onto University. We now know that education does not just affect those who receive it; it also ripples out to affect an entire community. Reports from the World Bank, USAID, the UN, and many educational institutions show that education, especially the education of women, is one of the fastest ways to increase family GDP, reduce the infant mortality rate, increase family health spending and assure the education of the next generation of children. In other words, everyone in Ghana benefits when more children stay in school.

Exponential Education has found a way to help all three levels of schoolchildren succeed and advance their education. We do this by helping the students help each other. In each of our programs we take five High School students and pay them a small weekly stipend so that they can stay enrolled in school. In return, they each tutor five or more Junior High School students. That means, five High School students are providing free tutoring to at least twenty five Junior High School students, which leads to more Junior High students passing the High School entrance exam. At the end of ten weeks, the most accomplished High School student tutor receives a scholarship of $200 USD. Thus, we bridge the gap - getting more Junior High Students into High School, helping more High School students stay in school, and helping more talented students attend college.  

Perhaps the most important impact of Exponential Education are immeasurable ripples of change, empowerment and growth within a community. These gains include high school students developing leadership skills, gaining teaching experience, and becoming empowered to change their community. Junior high students are able to connect to a relatable community mentor. They develop critical problem solving skills and start to believe they can change their own path and the direction of their community. The community itself will be able to produce more junior high and high school graduates, and with a focus on women, eventually communities will benefit from lower death rates, higher literacy rates, higher health spending per family, and a higher general quality of life in the long run.

To date, Exponential Education has worked with over 45 schools throughout the eastern and central region of Ghana, and, to date, the program has now given over 45 college scholarships, provided over 225 high school students with tuition assistance, and given free tutoring in math and English to over 1125 junior high students. Combined with our other initiatives, Exponential Education has a total reach of over 2000 children.

In addition to our well-known Exponential Education Peer to Peer programs, our organization is comprised of other important initiatives, including our Girls Leadership, Engagement, Action Program (LEAP), and Expo Newts Entrepreneurship Program. Click here to learn about our initiatives.

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