Kupenda for the Children

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About Us

Kupenda (“love” in Kiswahili) for the Children is a Christian-based, nonprofit organization that exists to enable children with disabilities to achieve their God-given potential.

     Ultimately we want them, along with their families and communities, to understand that they have value and are deserving of love. This is especially needed in the communities Kupenda operates because of the misinformed belief systems that lead to neglect, abandonment, abuse and even murder of children with disabilities. We are changing cultural perceptions on disability through advocacy, education, and medical intervention. Kupenda serves children with disabilities such as cerebral palsy, deafness, deformed or missing limbs, spina bifida, the effects of polio, visual impairment, Down’s syndrome, autism, epilepsy, and other physical and intellectual disabilities. Currently Kupenda is focused in Kilifi County along the coast of Kenya. We are also continuing to share our experiences in Tanzania and getting interest from around the world from people who want to reach out to children impacted by disability.