Chechnya Advocacy Network

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About Us

The Chechnya Advocacy Network is a small, US-based organization that tries to address existing problems in Russia's troubled North Caucasus region through partnerships with local change-makers, international solidarity and by employing the talents and dedication of volunteers from all around the world to make change on the ground. We are non-partisan and take no sides in the ongoing violent conflict in the region (and never have). Instead, we are guided by the best interests of the residents of the North Caucasus, i.e. the full protection of their human rights, stable and peaceful communities and socio-economic development.

Our focus areas are dynamic and determined through constant analysis of the needs and demands of people in our target region. We therefore work on human rights, women's rights, education and capacity-building (especially for activists and civil society), refugee and asylum issues etc.

We combine several broad areas of action:

  • raising awareness about the situation in the North Caucasus, to the general public and key international actors, through advocacy and supporting research and journalism.
  • strengthening local civil society through training, capacity-building, access to international advocacy fora, mentoring and protection.
  • addressing the legal, material and educational needs of North Caucasus residents, in their native region and in exile.
  • offering an ongoing mentoring program to hundreds of young professionals in the region