The Nurtured Parent Support Group for Survivors of Domestic Abuse

  • NJ


United States

About Us

The Nurtured Parent support group assists adults seeking the opportunity to heal from the debilitating effects of abuse.

Injuries to your soul are oftentimes the result of close personal relationships that use any form of aggression, degradation or neglect (i.e., verbal, emotional, psychological, economic, physical, or sexual) as a vehicle to power over and control you.

Through weekly group meetings, peer support, special events, workshops, and our e-mail and web communities, The Nurtured Parent strives to empower our adult members up each rung of the emotional health ladder. From victim to survivor, our members ultimately learn to set up healthy boundaries and become deliberate creators of their own lives, appreciating their inner strength and limitless possibilities.

When lives are fragmented through acts of physical or emotional violence, our entire community suffers. Healing the emotional wounds of domestic abuse is an imperative step towards breaking the cycle, preventing the role of victim or abuser from being passed down from generation to generation.

The Nurtured Parent support group is not a first response crisis intervention center. Rather, we are the next step providing continued support throughout the healing process.

Our mission is to deconstruct the false personal image abused victims often carry deep within themselves, and reacquaint our members with the inner strength, beauty, and essence of who they truly are.