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About Us

aJustATL is a multi-platform social media campaign aimed to better connect Atlantans to the social justice initiatives of local non-profit organizations. In partnership with various organizations, aJustATL utilizes Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and the aJustATL website to promote these agencies, their upcoming events, and efforts otherwise in the Metro Atlanta area. aJustATL will also highlight legislation that could have an impact on the advancement of social justice for the purpose of better informing aJustATL followers on current issues; however, aJustATL does not and will not endorse any specific political party or individual campaign. It is our hope that aJustATL will improve a sense of connectedness among Atlanta residents as evidenced by an increase in social action, volunteerism, and other efforts related to the advancement of social justice for all Atlantans.

Note: In its current phase, aJustATL is the heart of a community project led by five Georgia State University Master of Social Work candidates that seeks to measure whether our efforts via aJustATL will improve community connectedness and engagement in the Metro Atlanta area. However, aJustATL does have plans to be sustainable after May of 2014, with at least three of the five current members pledging to continue aJustATL’s efforts indefinitely.