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About ACTS

Action in Community Through Service of Prince William, Inc. (ACTS) is a private, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization serving the residents of the Greater Prince William Area, which includes the Cities of Manassas and Manassas Park. In 1969, thirteen local churches came together with the purpose of preventing and alleviating human suffering. Their inspiration came through their collaboration in helping a family whose home was destroyed by fire. They decided that an organization that brought all the resources together and could provide assistance to people without regard to their religious affiliation and run by lay people would be an asset to the community.

ACTS' founders began by addressing the most basic human needs of food and shelter. They established Prince William County's first food bank, set up a used furniture distribution system, and developed a homeless shelter in local churches. As the community grew, ACTS’ services have expanded to meet the grea needs of the residents. Hunger and homelessness are still issues today. Services now also include a comprehensive domestic violence prevention and intervention program to include the whole family-women, men and children. In addition, Helpline provides an anonymous crisis telephone service as well as resource referrals. The support groups sponsored by Helpline are key for people who have lost a loved one to suicide or who have attempted suicide. Today, each of the programs addresses the mission of ACTS; to alleviate hunger, homelessness, domestic violence and help individuals achieve self sufficiency.

ACTS staff and volunteers welcome people in crisis and are committed to providing their expertise and ACTS resources to help them see options at times when they feel they have none. At times, their crises can be alleviated through one contact and short term assistance. In other cases, the crises may take longer to address such as in the areas of domestic violence and thoughts of suicide. We invite people to share their stories and feelings about issues that as a community we are not always ready to air in the public forum. However, we believe to change lives and create a safe and welcoming community, we must face the issues of homelessness, hunger, domestic violence and suicide that don’t allow people to reach their potential.

Executive Director- Frances Harris has been with ACTS since May 2003, first as a Program Director, and as Executive Director since January 2008. She has had over 30 years management experience and over 20 years volunteering and working in the nonprofit field.

Deputy Director - Rebekah McGee has been with ACTS since 2005 first working in the Emergency Assistance program and as Deputy Director since January 2012. She has had over 17 years experience volunteering and working in the nonprofit field.

Client Support Services Director - Kelly Lindquist is new to ACTS this year. She has over 15 years experience in non-profit work and family services.

Director of the ACTS Turning Points Domestic Violence Program - Dotty Larson has been with ACTS since October 2008. She has been working in the field of domestic violence for 26 years and has been a Virginia Certified Mediator for 22 years.

Director Housing Services - Teri Pritchett, has been with ACTS since 2008 first as Coordinator of the Emergency Homeless Shelter and in current position since 2012. She has had an extensive career in Corporate America and in the not-for-profit arena. She has over twenty years management experience and has been a homeless advocate since 1988.

Director Helpline - Victoria L. Graham - Involved with ACTS Helpline since 1986. Helpline Director since 1992, trained in suicide prevention, intervention, and post-vention programs.

Director of Development - Thomas P. Benjamin has been with ACTS since April 2011. He has over 30 years of fund raising and management experience with NGOs domestically and internationally.