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J.F.Segui 4517 8C
Buenos Aires

About Us

ph15 is a space for creativity and expression through the use of photography. The students are teenagers who live in Villa 15 (slum 15), also known as the ¨Hidden City¨ located in the edge of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The workshop began in August 2000 as a result of a chance encounter between photographer Martin Rosenthal and a group of kids from the slum who were eager to learn photography. Today, classes are held every Saturday morning in the slum. The classroom is located in a small building which runs diverse activities geared towards improving the life conditions in the slum. It is run by Valmir S. Vieira. The photography classes are run and supervised by Martin Rosenthal and other photo teachers.

The focus of the ph15 workshop is fully oriented towards the use of photography as a way for personal expression. One of the primordial issues in the classes is that the students integrate themselves to the group and develop a mind of their own. Through activities and discussions, the kids develop a sense of individuality and empowerment. By manifesting their thoughts and ideas about their daily environment, they become legitimate critics and observers of a part society condemned to urban poverty.