The Lark

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311 West 43rd Street
Suite 406
New York
United States

About Us

The Lark is an international theater laboratory, based in New York City, dedicated to empowering playwrights by providing transformative support within a global community. We provide writers with money, space, collaborators, audiences, professional connections and the freedom to design their own processes of exploration. We believe that playwrights are society’s truth tellers and their work strengthens our collective capacity to understand our world and imagine its future. 

The Lark is dedicated to creating a welcoming, rigorous environment for playwrights to create stories that inspire us to think differently about the world. To accomplish this work, we strive to curate a creative, dedicated, flexible, and diverse team that embraces our mission and values, and our dedication to equity, access, and inclusion. 

We strive to creating a work space that allows staff members to not only accomplish their specific job responsibilities but also engage in “big think” conversations about The Lark’s strategic objectives, our role in the field, and our impact on society.