Adopt A Platoon (Parents of 40)

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About Us

Help us Adopt a Platoon! Our son is a platoon leader of 40 infantry men deployed in Iraq for one year. They are the 2nd Platoon, (nicknamed “the OutKasts”) out of Ft. Lewis, WA. They are on patrol in harm’s way daily. Some of these men have no families to support them, and they all appreciate support from those of us “back home”. We have therefore decided to adopt his entire platoon and are sending off weekly care packages for all of these brave young men. Their Commander recently wrote us that while “some soldiers live on large bases and have access to shopping, internet, microwave ovens in their own rooms….others, like your son, live in (the desert, in) a section of a tent carved out with plywood and blankets…. Their list of needs is great and the military does not seem to provide totally for them in their harsh environment. If you would like to join our endeavor to bring some joy to these young men who are serving their Country at great risk to themselves, we would greatly appreciate any contribution you may care to give.