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About Us

Theatre Of Hearts/Youth First Artist-In-Residence Program is to prevent and intervene in youth violence by involving youth and their families in ongoing, high quality, standards-based, multidisciplinary arts education workshops for youth and professional development workshops for educatorsoffered at schools and community-based sites in under-served neighborhoods throughout Los Angeles County.OUR VISION Theatre Of Hearts, Inc. is a Los Angeles-based nonprofit corporation, founded in 1987, whose vision is to promote understanding between people through cultural and artistic forums, and to empower local communities through education in the arts.

Every Youth First Program is a model of inclusion, crossing lines of race and cultural differences. Since its inception in 1992, the Youth First Artist-In-Residence Program has linked over 300 professional artists from the Los Angeles area with over 93,000 under-served youth. It is the intention of Youth First to ensure that our residencies are long-term, providing youth with the continuity and ongoing mentoring so critical for making a lasting impact in their lives.