CECCOT (Centro de Educacion, Ciencia y Conservacion Tambopata)

  • Madre de Dios


11 Hacienda Herrera
Puerto Maldonado
Madre de Dios

About Us

Our work is based in the Amazon Rainforest of Peru

The site covers a unique mosaic of secondary and primary forest and palm swamp along the Madre de Dios river, located 2km from the town of Puerto Maldonado in the Madre de Dios of southeastern Peru. 

Centro de Education, Ciencia y Conservacion Tambopata (CECCOT)

Our mission is to promote conservation of the region’s natural landscapes and wildlife while providing educational and developmental opportunities for the local community -- all with a minimal human footprint to the environment.

CECCOT is run by the collaborative efforts of United States-based conservation biologists, visiting researchers and Peruvian conservationists. Volunteers, both local and international, are essential to our efforts. We aim to provide opportunities for locals and international visitors to learn hands-on about research and conservation of the wondrous Amazonian biodiversity with a minimum impact on the area ecosystems, while supporting the CECCOT conservation efforts and sponsoring local students to participate in training programs.