The White Rainbow Project

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About Us

The White Rainbow Project (WRP) was inspired by the film “White Rainbow” which is based on the true story of Dr. Mohini Giri, Nobel Peace Prize Nominee and the leading widow’s rights advocate in India The film chronicles her early work and the establishment of her first shelter in Vrindavan. Since the films initial release in 2005 she has been able to spread awareness, and rally support for this hidden and often suppressed issue. Dr. Giri and her NGO (non government organization) The Guild of Service has been able to raise enough funds to build a much larger shelter just outside the city on a peaceful five-acre parcel. The new facility has the capacity to house 500 widows. Presently, Dr. Giri has only been able to raise enough funds to house and care for 120 widows. This is where the White Rainbow Project comes in to help. We are partnering with Dr. Giri and the Guild of Service to bring the home to full capacity. We have placed a WRP team member at the shelter and bring over WRP service volunteers several times a year to not only provide physical care for these women but emotional and spiritual support as well as we demonstrate God's love in tangible ways. We hope that the trips will be meaningful and life changing for the participants as well as the women that we minister to.