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About Us

Unite Now is a non-profit organization whose mission is to empower individuals and organizations around the world to literally (and virtually) take a stand for what they believe in.

Drawing upon the experience and expertise of leaders in activism, advocacy, philanthropy and art, traditional and digital media, experiential education and marketing, Unite Now provides digital resources and media exposure to non-profit organizations, socially-conscious businesses, communities and groups of all sizes that choose to show their support for a cause or issue through artistic forms of advocacy.

Serving a global community of individuals and organizations who desire to make a more positive impact on the world around them, Unite Now’s “Activist Network” provides an innovative approach to advocacy and activism by providing an online gallery, content distribution network and a set of collaboration tools to help groups mobilize and coordinate events that support constructive dialogue in the areas of human rights, ecological balance, animal rights, finding cures to diseases and solutions to global issues.

We invite you to become a part of the Unite Now community. Let us help you and your friends stand up for what you believe in.