Griffith Park Boys Camp

  • CA


4730 Crystal Springs Drive
Los Angeles
United States

About Us

Griffith Park Boys Camp is a place where boys of all ages come to make new friends, meet new challenges, learn about the outdoors, experience group living, and build a positive self concept through the Six Pillars of Character, Caring, Citizenship, Fairness, Respect, Responsibility and Trustworhtiness.


All campers: •Develop an understanding and respect for the cultural diversity in which they live. •Develop their interpersonal communication skills. •Learn new skills and new knowledge about the outdoors •Be encouraged to take responsibility for caring for the natural environment in which we live. •Develop awareness, appreciation, and respect for ones self and for others.


•The Campers are safe at all times! •The Campers have fun. •The Campers have a positive and memorable experience at camp. •The Campers have staff as positive and good role models to imitate. •The Campers learn new things about themselves, others and the outdoors. •The Campers have camp as the highlight of their summer. •The Staff, as a family, has a fun and memorable experience with the Campers.

Expectations of the Campers

Each Camper will: •Participate in an activity and/ or program that enables him to express himself creatively to others. •Perform a specific skill that he has gained a higher level of proficiency in or learned new at camp. •Practice camp ecology by recycling aluminum, glass, and plastic. He will also be responsible for keeping his cabin and cabin’s restroom clean. •Demonstrate problem-solving abilities and help in the making of key group decisions within their cabins.