New Era Galapagos Foundation

About Us

The mission of the New Era Galapagos Foundation is to conserve the Galapagos Islands by empowering local residents through education, communication, and environmental action projects.

Our approach is twofold: to promote and provide educational alternatives while helping develop an appreciation and respect for the natural environment and biodiversity of the Galapagos Islands.

We offer educational programs in English as a Foreign Language (EFL) and environmental education, as well as weekly conservation projects such as beach cleanups, reforestation, and recycling and other waste management projects. In addition, we offer a weekly radio program focused on community issues in conservation, health, and education. Our philosophy of community outreach and education blends ecological and conservation themes into all of our programs, allowing our English students to learn about the native flora and fauna while acquiring foreign language skills.

We are entirely staffed by volunteers, and as such we rely on international volunteers for our success. Supported by local staff/volunteers who also work for the Galapagos National Park and other local institutions, international volunteers work as teachers in the EFL and environmental education programs, as well as assistants in the radio and communications programs and weekend environmental action projects.